Democracy Dies in Darkness
An overhaul of voting laws was blocked by Republicans. An effort to strike a bipartisan deal on police reforms has lost all momentum. A plan to provide a path to legal residency for millions of immigrants is now all but dead.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent on horseback tries to stop a Haitian migrant in Del Rio, Tex., on Sunday. (AFP/Getty Images)
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas traveled Monday to the makeshift camp in Del Rio, Tex., where nearly 15,000 border-crossers have arrived and was quickly pulled into an escalating controversy over the treatment of the mostly Haitian migrants by U.S. agents.
Bezos’s large donations are transforming climate philanthropy — even as Amazon’s cloud-computing business and shipping operations have a significant carbon footprint.
According to Johnson & Johnson’s study, efficacy was 100 percent against severe or critical cases of covid-19 for two weeks after the booster shot. Regulators would have to authorize the boosters before the public could receive them.
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Phil Turner walks toward his caravan on the edge of Lake Pamamaroo, where he and his wife were quarantining. (Matthew Abbott for The Post)
Restrictions have displaced people across the country, with some setting up camp in the Outback while they wait — and wait — for permission to go home.
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Workers prepare the site of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. (Getty Images)
The presidents and prime ministers gathering at the United Nations this week have six weeks to go until a crucial global climate summit in Scotland.
Don’t assume native plants are the solution, but do choose native grasses, and be smart about how you water, experts say.
A statement from the prime minister’s office said those who were involved had been arrested.
Construction workers and demonstrators attend a protest of covid-19 regulations in Melbourne on Tuesday. (AFP via Getty Images)
A federal lawmaker said “hard-right man-baby Nazis” aimed to rile up construction workers over the halt of all nonessential building work.
The mayor said all teachers and school staff and early child-care workers in the city must be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by Nov. 1, eliminating a testing option for these professionals who regularly interact with children.
The governor is wrapping up his four-year term with waning popularity, a potential drag on his Democratic Party with six weeks left before the November statewide elections.
The Adams Morgan plaza has been at the center of a years-long battle over whether the parcel belongs to a corporation or the public. Now the bank that owns it is warning people to leave by Wednesday.
Ross was named Edelman’s chief executive of U.S. operations in April, making her the first Black woman to lead a major public relations firm.
Foraging is “like the adult Easter egg hunt, just going out and finding something. It’s very primal.”
The next few weekends are packed with fall festivals. Here are some of the best.
Aaron Rodgers eludes a defender as he steps back to throw a pass against Detroit. (Getty Images)
NFL Week 2Analysis
Rodgers was back to looking like the reigning league MVP. Green Bay, after trailing at halftime, regrouped during a rainy second half to resemble the team that reached the last two NFC championship games.
Josh Bell was charged with interference, ending a 10th-inning rally as the Nationals fumed. The Marlins prevailed, 8-7, in the bottom half.
After the D.C. tournament was canceled in 2020, the presence of star Rafael Nadal drove sell-out crowds this summer.
When car drivers are not aware of the speed of electric bikes, it can lead to accidents. (iStock)
Sales of electric bikes are up. But riders of the fast, heavy bicycles need to watch out for pedestrians and other cyclists on the trail, and for cars on the road.
When you make sure you are there for your friends, but don't always really feel their pain, are you being dishonest?
She checks husband’s phone for texts to other women, and he’s exasperated.
Couple was supposed to pick up dinner for four. Instead they phoned their regrets with little notice.